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John Lane and Jere Page homesteads and mills on Beaver Brook in East Readfield

John Lane 1761 - 1846
John Lane was born 12/18/1761 in Hampton, NH a son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Perkins) Lane.  He married Ruth Morrill 12/1/1784, whose parents were Micajah and Susannah (Clough) Morrill of South Hampton, NH. John, Ruth and their four oldest children came to Readfield from Gilmanton, NH about 1797. In August of that year John Lane, a tanner, purchased parts of lots #135 and #136 for $200 from Robert Page, Esq. Lane built his home near the crest of the hill between Beaver Brook and Hutchins (also known as Hutchinson) Road. He also built and operated a flax (also called linseed) oil mill on Beaver Brook between the (current Ellis and Hutchison) homes; and he constructed the first dam on the brook which created the Mill Pond.  

Jere Page began his life in Readfield where he was born in 1787 – the fourth of seven siblings - of  Robert Page, Esq. and his wife Abigail (Brown) Page. Jere married Margaret “Peggy” Johnson in 1808 and it was about that time he built his home next door to John Lane - also on Beaver Brook. In 1822 John Lane sold land to Robert and Jere Page and on the north side of the highway. The deed mentioned the Page's sawmill which was already in operation. 

Excerpts from John Lane and Jere Page:
"...John Lane’s wife died in January 16, 1839. This surely caused him to reflect on what to do about his own future and how to arrange for the fate of his homestead. All of his sons had left Maine – except the oldest one, Joshua. He had married in 1825 to Elizabeth - a neighbor girl whose father was the Baptist preacher Isaac Case...Elizabeth’s brother Elisha Case partnered with the Sanborn brothers when they established an oil cloth factory in East Readfield village in the 1840s..."
NOTE that publications about Rev. Isaac Case and The Sanborn Brothers that also available.

"...Jere Page’s civic duties included State of Maine Representative 1826-1827. Perhaps the connections he made in that capacity are what led to him towards making a life changing decision..."


In reading the story of John Lane and Jere Page you will also learn about two early Readfield (Winthrop) settlers - brothers Simon and Robert  Page and of their accomplishments and land holdings. The Lane family is explored and some details of that family are woven into the story. Some information about flax oil mills and antique saw mill operations is also included as well as pictures, references, maps and other illustrations.

1) The John Lane homestead and oil mill a. John Lane and family b. Joshua Lane and family 
2) The Lane homestead carried on a. David & Betsey (Adle) Brown b. Samuel S. & Julia (Robinson)Greeley (of Mt. Vernon)
3) The Page family and some of their activities a. Samuel and Mary (Clark) Page b. Col. Simon Page
c. Samuel Page "Page's Tavern" d. Robert Page, Esq. e. Jeremiah "Jere" Page homestead and mill
f. Subsequent owners of Jere Page homestead 
4) Endnotes and references

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