Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Brief Biographies c.1900 Pertaining to some residents of Readfield, ME: with notes and illustrations added by Dale Potter-Clark

Brief Biographies c.1900 pertaining to some residents of Readfield, Maine” includes brief bios of thirty-five people who resided in, or had familial connections to, Readfield at the turn of the 20th Century. The biographies were extracted and compiled from American Series of Popular Biographies, Maine which was published in 1903. Additional information has been added by Readfield historian and author, Dale Potter-Clark, as well as dozens of photographs. An index of 230 surnames is included, of individuals who are mentioned in the book but are not among the full biographies. Also added is a list of 215 place names and 5 pages of advertisements as they appeared in The 1903 Readfield Register. Some of the ads apply to men profiled but most were prominent businessmen not included in the biographies and well-known in the Readfield business community at that time. 120 pages.

The books are $12.00 and available at the Readfield Historical Society gift shop, when open, at 759 Main St. Readfield. Copies can be purchased anytime for $12.00 + $3.00 S&H if mailed within the U.S. Purchase via this site using PayPal (see right column) or arrange for purchase by U.S.P.S. by contacting crossings4u@gmail.com or (207) 441-9184.