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The Sanborns of East Readfield ~ Life in Frog Valley and Beyond...

In reading
The Sanborns of East Readfield
you will learn about their influence on local industry and their community; 
their personal lives and struggles; and how their influence had a large bearing on
the rise and fall of East Readfield village.
Peter Sanborn moved to East Readfield
in 1813. In the years that followed he and 
his sons built two businesses, and a
thriving village began to evolve. 
In 1813 a young man named Peter Sanborn moved to East Readfield from Kingston, New Hampshire. He was industrious, smart and ambitious. Within a few years Peter, and his sons Peter F. and Joseph A., changed the face of East Readfield. Under their leadership the wilderness surrounding Carleton Pond evolved from one of scattered primitive homes and businesses to a busy village with two stores, post office, school and lyceum in addition to the Sanborn's tannery and an oil cloth factory. Their influence was also significant in the growth and expansion of the historic Jesse Lee Methodist Meeting House. From reading this book you will learn about the Sanborn's lives and influence on the village of East Readfield and beyond, and about the rise and fall of what we now call "the Vanished Village".
Two excerpts from The Sanborns of East Readfield:
Monopolies sprung up throughout the United States after the Civil War and Readfield was not immune. In nearby Winthrop, Maine C.M. Bailey had also been making oilcloth, and that business was expanding exponentially. The Sanborn brothers were smart businessmen and undoubtedly were aware of Bailey’s business goals  - his factory eventually grew to be one of, if not the largest, oilcloth manufacturing plants in the United States. In the meantime Peter continued to face some personal challenges. His first wife died in 1864 leaving him alone and grief stricken until...

...Joseph A. bravely left Readfield, Maine wondering how he would be received in the south – concerned if he might even be accosted by the fast growing Ku Klux Clan. The West of course presented its own threats with Indian attacks and weather conditions he was not accustomed to. He was gone for several weeks...

Contents include:
1) Peter Sanborn;  2) East Readfield tannery in the beginning; 3) Sanborn’s tannery 1818-1863; 4)The brothers' Sanborn; 5) Community Service, Religion and Education; 6) The times they are a changing (post Civil War); 7) Sanborn oilcloth factory 1835-1872; 8) A new lease on life arises (for Peter Sanborn); 9) Where from here (after East Readfield); 10) The vanishing village (East Readfield); 11) Epilogue (Augusta Water District); 12) Sanborn genealogy (in brief); 13) Appendixes (maps, pictures, etc.); 14) Endnotes and references.
24 pages includes many pictures, illustrations, maps and 4 pages of references and endnotes. $12.50 plus S+H. Order now using PayPal or mail a check payable to  Dale Marie Clark (see right column FMI).

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