Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Those Who Led The Way: Readfield Vital Records 1768 - 1913

This book includes vital records of Readfield births, deaths and marriages organized so the reader can easily access the information they need. Perhaps the most helpful feature - especially for the family researcher - is the alphabetical listing of marriages by both bride and groom. Clark has done family research for 40+ years so recognized the challenge of finding the maiden names of women after they married. With this book identifying leads, or making educated guesses per the first or middle names of their children, is over. Many of Readfield's colonial settlers listed their families with the Readfield town clerk and included other morsels of information as well. These are all included. There is also a complete listing of veterans from all wars from The Revolution through Vietnam. This listing includes burial places - many who were not residents of Readfield at the time of enlistment but were buried here.

I. Tribute to those who led the way
II. Dedications
III. Early Readfield taxpayers

IV. Section IBirths and Deaths 1768 – 1892
Births 1892 – 1900
Deaths 1892 – 1913
Marriages (by man) 1791 – 1819
Marriages (by woman) 1791 – 1819
Marriages (by man) 1808 – 1838
Marriages (by woman) 1808 - 1838
Marriages (by man) 1838 – 1900
Marriages (by woman) 1838 – 1900

V. Section II
Readfield, Maine Veterans Revolutionary War to
Vietnam War

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